It is crucial to hire an attic insulation company that understands the needs of their local customers. At Affordable Attic Insulation we use modern methods and materials that are designed for the climate in the Houston and Katy regions of Texas.

Not every house was built the same and every location has different variables. We asses every job on an individual basis to ensure that your specific needs are met in an efficient manner.

Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge that enables them to expertly identify exactly what your home needs for ideal insulation. Whether it's sprayed on radiant barrier or blown in fiberglass insulation, we will equip your home with the best products at affordable prices.

Houston is known for its extreme heat during the summers and the attics are even hotter!

The attic in not only the hottest part of your house, but also the largest part of your house where your energy is escaping.
​This is why adding insulation and radiant barrier is so effective. The greater insulation protection you have for your home, the less energy you will lose. This will translate into lower energy bills and a more comfortable atmosphere. Lowering your energy consumption not only saves you money, but helps the environment by conserving finite resources and reducing polluting byproducts of energy generation. Invest in the future by calling us to install a new sprayed on radiant barrier or attic staircase insulator.

Home Insulation in Contractors Houston and Katy, TX

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