Are you looking for a radiant barrier contractor in Houston.   Katy has been so good us that we are now servicing not only Katy, but now all of Greater Houston.  Are you looking for spray radiant barrier in Houston.  Are you looking for affordable attic insulation radiant barrier contractor.  Katy has been so good to us, now we are servicing not only Katy, TX but all of Greater Houston

The quality of the radiant barrier is determined by their emissivity, the lower the better. Our sprayed on radiant barrier made by Radiance has an emissivity of .25. This means it will reflect up to 77% of the radiant heat caused by the
sun reducing you attic temperature by up to 30 degrees.

We highly recommend using Radiance Sprayed on Radiant Barrier, but If you have a particular brand in mine,
​we can spray whatever type you want.

Residential Radiant Barrier Houston and Katy, TX

A sprayed on radiant barrier will save you money!

After Spraying Radiant Barrier

Sprayed on Radiant Barrier in Houston, TX

Radiant Barrier is an aluminum reflective  coating sprayed on the underside of your roof reflecting the radiant heat caused by the sun. It was first developed by NASA to shield the astronauts from the extreme heat created when blasting off of the ground. It was then widely used by the military in a sprayed on application. They would spray it on top of their barracks to hide from the enemy flying overhead using their heat radar. And now, just recently made available to the consumer in a sprayed on application to protect us from the extreme heat of the sun.

Sprayed on Radiant Barrier checklist

  • Is your house too cool in the winter and too hot in the summer?
  • Are you interested in saving money on your heating bills?
  • Do you want customized and friendly radiant barrier service and solutions?

If you answered yes, we can help you improve your domestic quality of life, save money and help the environment, with expert sprayed on radiant barrier services for Houston, TX and Katy, TX

Before Spraying Radiant Barrier

Residential Radiant Barrier in Houston, TX
After - Sprayed on Radiant Barrier Katy, TX

There are several different ways to install radiant barrier and many radiant barriers to choose from. They all have there pros and cons. Sprayed-on is the most long-term application because it's applied literally to your roof. In a typical Houston summer, your attic temperature can increase by up 150 degrees. And trying to keep a house cool in the summer with these high temperatures in your attic can be very costly. The more you can reflect the sun off your house, the easier its going to be to keep your home cooler. And of course, less expensive. So as long as you have a roof over your head, you have a sprayed-on radiant barrier on the home separating you from this radiant heat caused by the sun.

Before - Sprayed on Radiant Barrier Katy, TX