The federal government is now offering a tax credit for qualifying insulation purchases, giving you yet another
​reason to insulate and save! Insulate before December 31, 2018 and you can claim up to $500

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President Obama Backs Increased Energy Efficiency, Calls Insulation 'Sexy'

President Obama touted the benefits of insulation and has urged homeowners to take advantage of money-saving tax credits as they engage in home improvement projects to make their homes more energy efficient. GreenFiber natural fiber blow-in insulation served as an executive backdrop when the president spoke at The Home Depot recently to promote insulation as an easy and effective means of saving money. “Insulation is sexy stuff,” Obama told the crowd. “If you haven’t upgraded your home yet, it’s not just heat or cool air that’s escaping, it’s energy and money that you are wasting. “If you saw $20 bills just sort of flying through the window up into the atmosphere, you’d figure out how you were going to keep that,” he continued. “But that’s exactly what’s happening because of the lack of energy efficiency in our buildings.”

President Obama on Energy Saving

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The Energy Tax Credit is Back!