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Are you looking for affordable attic insulation blown attic insulation in Houston.  Are you looking for blown attic insulation in Houston.  Are you looking for an insulation contractor in Houston.  Katy has been so good us that we are now servicing not only Katy, but now all of Greater Houston.

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There are several different types of home insulation to choose from when it comes to insulation installation. Attic Insulation is the most critical of all because this is what separates the attic temperature for the living space. Fiberglass insulation is by far the most traditional and widely-used product for one reason........ IT WORKS. Fiberglass Insulation is 100% fire resistant. It comes with a life span of 30 to 40 years. It has a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to be water and mold resistant. It is 100% fiberglass, with no added chemicals and is formaldehyde free. Because of its blown in application, it covers better than other insulators. And unlike other products, blown in fiberglass insulation causes very little mess or dust. All of our home insulation products are Energy Star Rated and eligible for all tax credits.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends attic insulation levels of R-38 for Southeastern Texas counties. This is equal to 15 to 18 inches of fiberglass insulation. Does your attic have enough insulation? 85% of all homes in the Houston area are not properly insulated. So don't wait... INSULATE!

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Home Attic Insulation in Katy, TX
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We also install attic staircase insulators

Before Blowing Almost 2 Feet of Insulation

We only use and recommend the highest grade of blown in insulation made by Certainteed,
Guardian, and Owens Corning, but if you have a particular brand in mind we can blow whatever
type you want. We also can blow cellulose insulation if requested. If you live in the Houston or Katy, TX areas and want to find out more about our blown in attic insulation, be sure to contact our friendly team.